Family Legacy
Family Legacy collages commemorate any special person, occasion, accomplishment, anything at all.

Estes Family Legacy

This piece is all about the Estes Family. Multi-generational memories.

In Honor of Roger Atwood

This piece was commissioned by the great nephew of Roger Atwood. Roger died during WWII. His nephew sent me letters, awards, memorabilia and photos to create this memorial collage.

Roger Atwood Collage_edited.jpg
Gail King copy_edited.jpg

Gail Riceberg-King

This piece tells the story of childhood friend Gail Riceberg-King. Her family sent me photos from childhood to the time of her wedding.


Family Legacy copy.jpg

Jacobs Family on Board

Created to celebrate my mother's side of the family. I used old photos, diaries paper and acrylic paint on a six foot board.


AnnMarie Family Legacy_edited.jpg

Ann Marie's Family on Board

Ann Marie Norton commissioned me to create this piece to honor her family. She sent me photos and I expanded on those.